Cash is the word as mums are forced to rush back to work

Most new mothers return to work because they need the money, not because they want to, according to research released today.

The survey of 1,000 parents by website mother@work found that for nearly two-thirds (62%) of parents the decision to return to work was purely financial. Just 13% chose to return to work because they loved their job.

The research also revealed that, once back at work, most mothers (85%) did not feel they were treated the same as colleagues without children.

A small percentage (9%) admitted that they had experienced hostility or resentment from co-workers, and 7% said they had been passed over for promotion or were not offered overtime.

Despite an extension of maternity and flexible rights for parents coming into force in April, three-quarters (76%) of respondents admitted they were not aware of their new rights or did not understand how the legislation would affect them.

Denise Tyler, founder of mother@work, said: “The results make fairly grim reading – parents are under pressure to return to work for monetary reasons and in some cases face a hostile environment.”

She said parents needed to be having “adult conversations” with their employers about the issue.

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