Todd Research launches post room bomb-proof product

At IFSEC 2007 in Birmingham, Todd Research launched their new TR Scannershield technology, capable of containing a blast from a letter bomb. This unique product offers the following:

• Can sit around any cabinet X-ray unit
• Withstands a blast of up to 1lb of explosive using Tabreshield by Aigis
• Protects your staff’s life and hearing one metre away from the explosion
• Protects your building and equipment
• Protects your bottom line

Interest in this product was high, including from the following areas:

• Embassies and offices in cities with high risks
• Buildings in the City of London looking to protect their post room staff as well as their buildings and equipment
• Foreign security companies looking for blast-proofing technologies worldwide
• Police

In addition, due to demand for animal rights-specific training, Todd Research is holding a new seminar, “Managing the Animal Rights Threat” at Manor of Groves Hotel in High Wych, near Sawbridgeworth in Herts on Wednesday 18 July 2007. To book your place(s) please contact or call 01245 262233.

For further information on training or X-ray, Metal Detection and Blast Suppression products contact Todd Research now.

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