Too much leadership and management information?

Knowledge is no longer power – access to the right knowledge is what has become critical, says Martin Baker, MD of leadership and management on-line learning specialists LMMatters. He tackles the topic of Too Much Information in the latest edition of Training Journal – and he’ll be talking about a solution at a free seminar at Learning Technologies on 26 January.

“Together, the internet and mobile devices have transformed the way that we send and receive information, so that we are living in a world of virtual-information pollution. Have we, in fact, got to the stage where we can no longer work effectively and efficiently because of the very inventions that were intended to make our lives easier?”
That’s the question that Martin Baker, MD of leadership and management online learning specialists
LMMatters poses in a viewpoint online and in the January edition of Training Journal.

“This is particularly pertinent if you are interested in the latest thinking in leadership and management.” He says in the article. “Type leadership into Google, for example, and a staggering 120 million entries appear. Management is even worse, with almost 600 million entries. So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, or the just plain ugly?”

“I truly believe that how we communicate effectively, both face to face and on-line, is one of the greatest challenges that leaders and managers face today,” he says.

Martin – recently named as one of eLearning’s top
‘movers and shakers’ – will address this thorny topic at a free seminar at Learning Technologies, Olympia 2, London on 26 January, 11am in seminar theatre 5, where he’ll be demonstrating LMKnowledge, a new solution to leadership, management and business ‘information overload’.

He’ll explain how
LMKnowledge provides a gateway to relevant leadership, management and business resources, and will be unveiling a new, exclusive Leadership and Management App – enabling you to access information instantly and on the move.

Do please join us on 26 January at 11am – just turn up on the day, there’s no need to book. We look forward to seeing you there.

What you need to know:

Free seminar: Too Much Information? With Martin Baker, MD, LMMatters
Where: Seminar theatre 5, Learning Technologies, Olympia 2, London
When: 11am, 26 January
How to get there: There are directions to the conference on-line
and a floor plan to locate theatre 5
Seating: No need to book, just turn up!

About LMMatters
Leadership and management eLearning specialist LMMatters provides high quality resources to develop leadership and management excellence. These include:

LMKnowledge: A searchable portal of business articles, podcasts and videos from the best world-wide sources for leadership and management knowledge.

50 Lessons: An online library of more than 1,000 inspiring videos demonstrating memorable and powerful storytelling, from over 200 of the world’s most respected business leaders.

getAbstract: The world’s largest library of more than 5,000 business book summaries delivering knowledge in concise ways.

Harvard ManageMentor: An online resource delivering information, practical tools and tips on more than 40 business topics.

LMMatters has a wealth of experience in sourcing the right solution for organisations. With experience in many sectors – including Government, telecommunications, finance and retail – we ensure the right resources are successfully implemented to deliver innovative leadership and management development programmes.

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