Top 10 HR questions April 2019: Maximum compensation, holiday entitlement and positive action

Questions about redundancy consultation meetings were popular in April

The annual increase to the limits on compensation that can be awarded in an employment tribunal claim took place on 6 April.

In addition to new maximums for compensation for unfair dismissal, the guidelines on compensation for injury to feelings in discrimination cases, known as the Vento guidelines, were also increased.

Questions that were updated to reflect the new figures were popular on XpertHR last month. An FAQ looking at compensation for discrimination is number one in the top 10 for April 2019.

The top 10 HR questions in April 2019:

1. Is there a limit on the compensation that can be awarded in a discrimination claim?

2. What is the unfair dismissal basic award?

3. What should the employer and employee discuss at an individual redundancy consultation meeting?

4. What is the unfair dismissal compensatory award?

5. Is an employee who resigns while on maternity leave entitled to notice pay?

6. How should an employer compute a week’s pay in relation to an employee’s holiday pay entitlement?

7. What should an employer do if an employee fails to attend a disciplinary hearing?

8. What is a service provision change under the TUPE Regulations 2006?

9. What “positive action” is permitted under discrimination legislation?

10.Where an employee has been given notice of redundancy, if they seek to leave before the end of the notice period to take up a new job, will this affect their statutory redundancy payment?

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