Top players in HR show ability to embrace change

Change is the key theme in this year’s impressive cast of HR’s Top 40 Power Players (revealed in all its glory from page 20). Not in terms of faces – more than half of the players in this year’s list also made last year’s countdown – but in the skills and experience that differentiate average HR people from great ones.

Our list of influential performers includes heavy HR hitters from business, public sector, unions, consultancies and academia.

What makes them stand out is their ability to embrace and shape change to help create competitive advantage.

With the ever-changing employment landscape, there is plenty of opportunity for those in the HR field to pioneer new ways of navigating it.

So this year’s list of movers and shakers are those skilled in strategy, transformation, turnaround and restructuring.

They are not afraid to make tough decisions or to stand up and be counted.

They are making HR a force to be reckoned with in their organisations, and they are having a huge impact on the bottom line.

It is no coincidence that the two most influential players in our list preside over the people function in hugely profitable companies – proof that HR has a powerful role to play in the success of an organisation.


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