Top ten management books

Career wise evaluates the top ten management books

The Essential Drucker
By Peter F Drucker
Published July 01
Price £20 ISBN 0 7506 5018 4

A self-contained introduction to management, basic principles and concerns,
challenges and opportunities.   It
covers both the management of an enterprise and the self-management of the

Team Roles at Work
By R Meredith Belbin
Published Jan 96
Price £17.99 ISBN 0 7506 2675 5

Shows how to manage oneself in a team, how to create working partnerships,
encouraging interdependence between team members and how the team should fit
within the organisation.

Aligning Human Resources & Business Strategy
By Linda Holbeche
Published Oct 99
Price £29.99 ISBN 0 7506 4477 X

Tools and case studies that show how HR strategists have utilised their
skills to deliver key business objectives.

Total Organizational Excellence
By John Oakland
Published Feb 99
Price £36.99 ISBN 7 5063 2097

Sets out a framework for managers on how to improve business performance in
all types of organisations. Shows how to integrate organisational excellence
into the business strategy through an understanding of the key business
processes and development.

Managing Without Power
By R Meredith Belbin
Published May 01
Price £16.99 ISBN 0 7506 5192 X

Belbin reviews and contextualises the biological, social and intellectual
forces that have shaped the ways in which power, influence and the roles of men
and women have evolved.

The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge Era
By Stephen Denning
Published Nov 00
Price £15.99 ISBN 7 5067 3559

Storytelling as a powerful and formal discipline for organisational change
and knowledge management. Explains how organisations can use certain types of stories
to communicate new or envisioned strategies, structures, identities, goals and
values to employees, partners and customers.

Mentoring Executives and Directors
By David Clutterbuck and David Megginson
Published Sep 99
Price £20.99 ISBN 0 7506 3695 5

Only book on mentoring specifically for directors and senior executives.
Explains how to sustain learning in people at the top. Practical and research
based with pan-European case studies.

Human Resources Scorecard: Measuring the Return on Investment
By Jack Phillips, Stone
Published May 01
Price £29.99 ISBN 0 8771 9367 3

The first book to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step process for
measuring ROI in HR programs.

New Brand of Expertise: Interim Management
By Marion McGovern and Dennis Russell
Published Mar 01
Price £15.99 ISBN 0 7506 7292 7

Details effective workplace strategies for both experienced and new
independent professionals.

Learning in Chaos
By James Hite
Published Aug 00
Price £21.99 ISBN 0 8841 5427 0

Explains how change is a functional characteristic of any organisation and
how they can adapt and grow by incorporating change into their structure
instead of trying to control it.

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