Tories plan mandatory health tests for migrant workers

Foreigners wanting to work in the UK will have to undergo mandatory health tests for TB and HIV, under plans unveiled by the Conservatives.

Tory leader Michael Howard said the checks on new arrivals from outside the European Union would ensure public health standards.

A positive test for TB would mean visa applications being turned down, while HIV would be dealt with case by case.

The proposals would not apply to people coming to the UK for less than six months unless they intended to work in healthcare, childcare or teaching.

The proposals include:

– People coming to the UK from outside the EU for between six and 12 months from a “high incidence TB country” will have to undergo a chest

– People coming to settle in the UK permanently from outside the EU will have to “demonstrate they have an acceptable standard of health”

– They will also have to show they are unlikely to be a danger to public health and unlikely to “impose significant costs or demands” on the NHS

– Tests will include a health check, chest x-rays for TB (except for children and pregnant women) and tests for hepatitis and HIV for those over 16 years of age

– Only the discovery of TB will mean people will be automatically denied a visa, while other conditions will be dealt with on a “case by case basis”.

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