Tradespeople are the happiest workers

Plumbers, hairdressers and care assistants are among the happiest workers in
the UK a new index of workplace happiness has revealed.

By contrast, some of the more traditionally desirable jobs, such as those in
the media or accountancy, make people miserable.

A study by qualifications body City and Guilds found tradespeople were twice
as likely to be ‘extremely happy’ in their jobs compared with white-collar

Undertaking meaningful practical work seems to provide more career
satisfaction. Three-quarters of trade professionals said their job is
rewarding, compared with 68 per cent of white-collar workers.

Chris Humphries, director general of City and Guilds, said people were
increasingly deciding to swap the office for a trade, with many looking for
better career satisfaction.

"It’s a misconception that white-collar professionals have the best
jobs and are therefore the happiest," he said.

"As our research proves, it’s often people in vocational careers that
are the most content and fulfilled.

"There is an increasing trend for individuals to swap their careers to
do something more hands-on.

"A lot of employees are starting to realise that job satisfaction is
more important than any other consideration – including money," he added.

The most popular benefits of being employed in a trade that were cited by
respondents include feeling valued (65 per cent), learning new things (62 per
cent) not being chained to a desk (59 per cent) and camaraderie (51 per cent).

The ‘happy’ index

UK’s happiest staff

Care assistants 40%
Hairdressers     32%
Plumbers          32%
Chefs   30%
Florists             20%

UK’s least happy staff

Architects         8%
Electricians       6%
Accountants     4%
Pharmacists      4%
Media 4%
Estate agents    4%

Source: City and Guilds

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