Train to gain

The Learning and Skills Council’s (LSC) 400m Train to Gain programme will be rolled out across England on 1 August – four months after it became available in selected regions.

The programme, which is for small- and medium-sized businesses employing up to 99 staff, provides employees with skills training and vocational qualifications. It also provides wage compensation for companies whose staff attend approved training programmes.
David Greer, skills director at the LSC, said this would encourage small firms to offer more training.

“We believe it will make a difference, and if it works then we believe we will see a lot more of those small employers investing their own resources in training because they see the business benefits.

“We have clearly designed this to focus as a priority on those employers who don’t normally provide training or look for it.”

The LSC provides advice on the programme through its Train to Gain skills brokers. So far, 800 employers have met skills brokers and 500 of them have been referred to training providers.

Initially the programme was piloted in 20 LSC areas in England and a further 27 will be added in August. Interested employers should contact their local LSC office or


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