Trainer1 develops US-based operations

Trainer1, the vendor neutral e-learning specialist, is developing its US-based operations with the appointment of former Procter & Gamble executive, David Ringo, as chief operations officer and Richard Lopasky as senior executive of sales in the new Trainer1 (USA).

Ringo, who has overseen Trainer1’s relocation from offices in Pennsylvania to the Tampa area in Florida, is also heading up Trainer1’s product and service offering to its US customers.

As with Trainer1’s UK operations, this includes:

  • The design of e-learning materials

  • The delivery of e-learning courses

  • The supply of rapid application support

  • The resale and distribution of ‘e-learning related’ products and systems

Ringo, President and Founder of Intellagents, LLC, has spent over ten years working to develop e-learning and classroom-delivered training for employees at P&G’s largest facility in the world.

While at P&G, Ringo helped create, deliver and track training efforts for nearly 2,500 employees. 

With well over 10,000 e-learning courses delivered per month, he acquired extensive experience with many authoring tools and tracking systems.

Ringo also developed comprehensive training on a wide array of topics including safety, quality, leadership and technical skills. 

After advancing training at P&G and developing e-learning modules, Ringo established Intellagents before joining Trainer1 in August 2008. 

“Naturally, we’re delighted to be expanding our operations in the USA – and we’re delighted that David Ringo and Richard Lopasky will be helping us,” commented Trainer1’s Neil Lasher, who is also the President of the ASTD Global Network UK and a committee member of the eLearning Network (eLN), the UK’s foremost professional association for users and developers of e-learning.

“We have taken this step in response to the growing demands for our products and services. We’re delighted to say that we’re experiencing this trend currently on both sides of the Atlantic,” he added.

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