Trainer1 expands its portfolio

Trainer1, the vendor neutral e-learning specialist, has expanded its portfolio of technology delivered learning products with the addition of distributing Platte Canyon Multimedia (PCMM)’s products in the UK.

These products include ‘Tracker.Net’, a learning management system (LMS) that benefits from AJAX technology and is sold on an unlimited user licence for just £5,000.

Among the organisations that have bought the Tracker.Net LMS are British Airways and Hilton Hotels.

“PCMM also has Plug-in Pro, which enables ToolBook users to add a new menu to their system, enabling them to create toolbars which improves the functionality of their ToolBook system,” commented Trainer1’s Neil Lasher.

He added that Trainer1 is also reselling the Activate LMS, devised by Thomas Lund, of Denmark.

“This means that Trainer1 can now offer customers the opportunity to compare and contrast three well known LMSs – CourseMill, from Trivantis, Activate and Tracker.Net – and select the one that best meets their organisational needs,” said Lasher.

“Trainer1 is the only UK-based distributor that currently allows customers to see these three LMSs side-by-side, in order for them to make an informed decision about which LMS is the best one for them.”

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