This week’s training news

Partners’ T&D strategy

Northumberland County Council and Northumbria University have launched a
strategic learning partnership to help strengthen local economic growth. It
will give all management staff the opportunity to collaborate closely in
training, research and other topics.

Sharing secrets

A new online service will allow staff at the Ericsson University to share
knowledge with colleagues across the world. The system, introduced by the
Edvantage group, will allow 30 candidates on the Ericsson leadership scheme to
join an online community spanning 18 countries, during and after participating
in the development modules. The community contains discussion groups, learning
modules, chatrooms, news and speaker profiles.

Coaching continues

Eight out of 10 businesses in the UK are still investing in training,
despite the economic downturn. A CMG survey of 150 UK companies has revealed
that staff receive an average of six to 10 days’ training a year.
Electronic-based systems are becoming more popular due to cost efficiency and
40 per cent of respondents use e-learning. IT teams get the largest amount of

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