This week’s training news

E-learning improves customer service at the Royal

Insurance group Royal & SunAlliance is putting its staff through three
customer relationship management programmes in a bid to improve their customer
service skills. This will involve 2,500 staff undertaking 35 hours of
e-learning this year in developing their IT and people skills. Katherine Plant,
training manager at Royal & SunAlliance, said, "We are putting a new
emphasis on relationship building and we are looking to build the skills of our
front-line staff in this area."

Women’s Army training reviewed due to injuries

The Ministry of Defence is considering adopting a new training system after
a report revealed that women in the Army were nearly three times more likely to
be medically discharged than men, due to training injuries. The Army Medical
Directorate report shows that the number of women injured rose to 35 per 1,000
between 1992 and 1996, but has since been cut to 23 per 1,000 over the past
four years.

LSC feeds ‘bite-size’ courses to adult learners

The Learning and Skills Council launched a nationwide programme of
"bite-size" training courses last week to attract 1,500 new adult
learners to each of the 47 local offices across the UK. The courses, which will
last between one and three hours, will cover subjects such as computing
courses, juggling, lip-reading and basic reading. For further information, call
0800 100900.

Toyota coaches senior staff in leadership

Motor manufacturer Toyota has trained all of its 35 UK managers and 15
advanced senior specialists in the value of effective leadership. The
programme, designed by the research organisation Roffey Park involves three
days of training at Toyota’s car manufacturing plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire,
followed three months later with a follow-up fourth day. The programme covered
issues such as managing poor performance, delegation, team dynamics and
influencing others.

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