Training at NHS Trust delivered via MP3 player

More than 300 NHS staff in Yorkshire are using personal media players to access mandatory training.

Personnel from the medical director to cleaners at the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust are using the players to acquire training in topics such as health and infection control.

Each player has internet access so staff can log on to the training wherever and whenever is most convenient. The training can also be accessed via laptops or home PCs.

“The portable media player is such a great idea and is so easy to use,” said Pontefract based midwife Yasmin Mamujee. “I work part-time, so I find it difficult to get to training sessions. With the media player I can do the training when it’s convenient.

“I’ve really enjoyed using it and it’s helped me easily get up to date with my compulsory training.”

The system – called My Mandatory Training – and content was developed by Leeds company Mezzo Films which also provides updates as and when required. It features a learning management system which tracks users’ progress and usage.

Once staff have completed all mandatory training units satisfactorily they return the media players. It is understood that classroom-based training in the subjects covered has ended.

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