Training International Managers

Training International Managers
Authors: Alan Melkman and John Trotman
Price: £55
From: Gower
ISBN: 0566086301

Another book for the multicultural shelf, and one that contains solid and helpful content.

It has three clearly signposted sections: ‘The Cultures of International Management Training’, ‘Training Design’ and ‘Making the Training Sparkle’.

Its level of detail is commendable as it looks at strengthening and sustaining learning, and seeking and using feedback from individuals and groups. This detail is reinforced by preparation tips and action plans.

The book would be a well-thumbed addition to any organisation’s library as it covers universal concerns such as ‘organising parti-cipants to learn from each other’, which could equally be used by those with national concerns as well as those with an international remit.

Useful? Five stars
Well-written? Four stars
Value for money? Four stars

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