Transgender Memorial Day prompts calls to end discrimination at work

The TUC has called on employers to prevent discrimination against transgender people at work.

Speaking on Trans Memorial Day today (Friday), general secretary Brendan Barber urged employers to ensure their working environments are safe for trans people.

The union body said that from January to June 2009, at least 83 transgender people were murdered across the world, and said the transgender community continues to face violent physical attacks, alongside prejudice and discrimination in communities and at work.

Barber said: “Discrimination and hatred are part of the daily lives of far too many transgender people in Britain, and employers need to make sure all their employees are working in safe environments, free from transphobia, violence and prejudice.

“Prejudice starts at school, and in its work to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality in education, the TUC has learnt that bullying on grounds of gender identity remains largely unrecognised. This can lead all too easily to the violence that trans people can face on the streets, and challenging the roots of such prejudice is long overdue.”

Next year the TUC will publish revised and updated guidance for unions on LGBT equality, which will put particular emphasis on tackling the discrimination faced by transgender people in the workplace.

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