Tribunal guide to help disabled workers fight for rights

Disability Rights Commission (DRC) has launched a new guide to help disabled
people take discrimination claims to employment tribunals.

How Do I Make a Claim? the guide outlines disabled people’s rights under the
Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and how to make a claim if they believe
their rights have been infringed by their employer.

Massie, Chairman of the DRC, said: “It is the DRC’s goal to create a society
where all disabled people can participate fully as equal citizens.

there are some 8.5 million disabled people in the UK and many are unaware that
they have new rights or how to exercise them.

and service providers are often unsure how to implement best practice to make
it easier for disabled people to gain employment or use their services.

employment tribunal guide will make it easier for both employers and disabled
people to understand their rights and responsibilities under the DDA.”

By Quentin Reade

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