Tribunal watch: Age discrimination claims cost parking firm £700,000

REX/Tony Buckingham

This week, we report on an award of more than £700,000 to 20 older drivers who were dismissed after their employer claimed that its insurance provider would no longer insure them. We also round up other tribunal decisions that made the headlines in the past week.

Age discrimination: £700,000 payout for older drivers dismissed over insurance costs In Wright and others v Purple Parking Ltd, an employer that dismissed drivers over 67 after claiming its insurance provider would not insure them has admitted liability for age discrimination and unfair dismissal midway through the drivers’ case and has been ordered to pay more than £700,000 to 20 drivers.

Other tribunal decisions in the headlines

Tribunal dismisses racism claim by Le Gavroche receptionist The case of a Le Gavroche receptionist who was suing the two-Michelin-starred restaurant for racism has been dismissed, reports Caterer and Hotelkeeper.

Former tuck-shop lady at Shrewsbury School arrested after “going berserk” on cricket pitch A woman who won her unfair dismissal case against a leading public school after being sacked from her job in the tuck shop has been arrested after “going berserk” and driving her car onto the cricket pitch at high speed, reports the Daily Telegraph.

£126,000 for sacked boss A bipolar bank manager has been awarded £126,000 after an employment tribunal ruled he had been unfairly dismissed and discriminated against, says the Lancashire Evening Post.

Lincoln mother told “you were not flexible enough” as she loses unfair dismissal case against Pizza Express A mother who claimed constructive unfair dismissal against Pizza Express after she fell pregnant has lost her tribunal fight with her former employer, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

Aldeburgh Golf Club’s “witch hunt” criticised An employment tribunal has found that a golf club unfairly dismissed a staff member after she raised concerns about an alleged inappropriate relationship between a club secretary and a member, reports the BBC.

Sacked employee wins in Yellow Pages case A former salesman for Yellow Pages has been awarded almost £14,000 after being unfairly dismissed, despite having received two written final warnings, according to the Scottish Herald.

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