Tube union pledges support for anxious staff

Union leaders have praised the professionalism of tube staff during yesterday’s attempted bombing attack on London’s transport network, but gave their support to any employee who refused to work on the grounds of safety.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said London Underground staff worked magnificently alongside the emergency services in evacuating passengers and minimising panic.

“Our members are committed to ensuring that the Tube returns to running normal services as soon and as safely as possible,” he said.

However, even in the confusion in the immediate wake of the attacks and before any all-clear was given, “enormous pressure” was being put on staff to continue working as normal, Crow said.

“At an emergency meeting between London Underground management and safety reps late this afternoon, we were told that lines apparently unaffected by the attacks should continue running,” he said.

“We will be discussing these issues further when we meet the mayor tomorrow, but RMT has today made it quite clear that any London Underground worker who refuses to work in these circumstances on the grounds of safety will have the complete support of the union.”

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