Employers urged to adopt sensitive approach after terror attacks

Employers are set to face new challenges and increased disruption in the workplace, following the terrorist attacks on London, according to law firm Berg Legal.

As the UK remains on a high state of alert, security breaches are set to become an increasing feature of daily life – highlighted by yesterday’s incidents in London – and employers need to take a sympathetic approach to the problems that this will create for their employees.

Alison Loveday, head of employment at Berg Legal, said: “The increased terrorist threat is likely to cause a raft of problems for both employers and employees.

“Inevitably, it may lead to increased levels of absenteeism and more incidents whereby staff may request to change their working schedule.”

She warned that employers would need to exercise caution in disciplining staff over such matters.

“The law protects employees – for example working parents, who take reasonable time off to make arrangements for unforeseen circumstances surrounding their dependants,” she said. “The same might also be applied to staff who feel that their safety is being compromised.

Loveday advised employers to consider creative ways to continue services through periods of disruption, for example, by issuing staff with mobile phones and remote working facilities, arranging transport, and taking steps to encourage lift sharing.

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