TUC backs ‘name and shame’ tribunals list

The TUC has backed a new register which will name and shame bad employers that do not pay fines awarded against them at employment tribunals.

Companies that fail to honour unfair dismissal or discrimination awards will be listed on the Register of Judgements,minister of justice Bridget Prentice said yesterday. The register is open to public scrutiny, which should help ensure employers pay awards owed.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said too many people were being caught out by the “double whammy” of employers acting illegally and then refusing to pay when they were caught. He said: “This register will help put bad employers in the spotlight by naming and shaming those who fail to pay up when they lose employment tribunals.

Prentice said the measure had been taken to give weight to future tribunal rulings, help cut the time people had to wait to receive payments they were entitled to, and to help reduce non-payment.

“A few unscrupulous individuals are defying or delaying payment after tribunal rulings and we will not hesitate to name and shame them,” she said.

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