TUC calls for EU-wide workplace health laws

The TUC is calling on the European Parliament to introduce new laws on
stress and repetitive strain injury in the workplace.

The organisation wants to see a set of Europe-wide targets for the reduction
of workplace injuries, illnesses and sickness absence.

TUC general secretary John Monks said new laws would help staff and
employers adjust to the demands of the new economy and avoid the loss of
skilled staff to workplace injury or illness.

"If Europe is going to better compete in the global economy, we can’t
burn out our workers, or ignore the risks that come with new technology,"
he said. "We need a sustainable workforce in sustainable working
environments doing sustainable jobs. But the European Commission can’t do all
that on a shoestring – health and safety is an investment that pays off in
workers’ health and better business," he said.

The TUC has issued briefing notes for MEPs, listing its top 10 priorities.

The list includes European Union-wide targets for the reduction of fatal and
serious workplace injuries, occupational illness and the resulting sickness
absence with supporting targets in sectors and regions.

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