TUC Congress: Brendan Barber calls for end to employment injustice

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber this morning used his speech at the start of the body’s 2008 congress to call for an end to injustices in employment.

Speaking to affiliated union members in Brighton, he said the government needed to address labour market inequalities to make Britain fairer.

“What can the government do to turn fairness from a political slogan into a practical reality?” Barber asked.

“First – remove once and for all the worst injustices from our labour market.

“Follow up the agreement on agency workers by ending bogus self-employment and delivering equal rights for homeworkers.

“Make enforcement of the current law much more effective, especially in those sectors and businesses where the risks are greatest.

“And introduce a new Fair Employment Commission to lead the fight against vulnerable working and raise awareness where it matters most.”

Barber also called for a more progressive tax system, and for more public provision of education, transport and justice services.

The TUC Congress ends on Thursday.

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