TUC launches ‘secret santa’ generator to combat Scrooge-like bosses intent on ignoring Christmas

The TUC has today launched a ‘secret santa’ generator to help keep the Christmas spirit alive at work.

Employers organising an annual secret santa – where staff agree to buy each other presents secretly so no-one knows who their present is from – can visit the TUC’s working life website, which takes the hassle out of organising the event.

Once on the site, organisers can simply enter the e-mail addresses of everyone taking part and the generator will then e-mail each colleague telling them who to buy a secret present for.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “Staff should say no to Scrooge bosses who are trying to cut back on Christmas at work. Our Secret Santa is a handy way of making sure one important part of the office festivities doesn’t become a thing of Christmas past.”

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