UK managers suffer as jams spread across country

million working hours are wasted each week because managers are struggling
through traffic congestion to get to work, according to the Chartered
Management Institute (CMI).

shows that while almost half of respondents working across the UK travel 10
miles or less to work each day, it takes the majority of managers more than
half an hour to do this journey.

delays are having a serious impact on business, with 79 per cent of managers
reporting they have missed vital meetings while nearly one-fifth claiming to
have lost business opportunities because of transport disruption.

workplace is also suffering, with 21 per cent of managers reporting a decline
in their productivity and 35 per cent admitting to increased levels of
irritability at work.

Cook, head of policy at the Chartered Management Institute, said that allowing
staff to work from home occasionally or to adjust their hours, would reduce

By Michael Millar

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