UK organisations choose to ignore new employment regulations

Many UK organisations have not taken any action to address recent employment legislation because they believe they will never be taken to a tribunal, according to research.

A survey of 1,273 UK employers, from law firm Peninsula, reveals that 62 per cent of respondents have taken no action to reflect the recent changes to disability discrimination legislation.

And almost three-quarters admitted that they have not reviewed HR policies and procedures in light of the introduction of the Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations.

Despite these lapses, 86 per cent of respondents believe they will never be taken to an employment tribunal because they have sufficient HR policies and procedures in place.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula, said: “It is alarming that despite the fact that employers have had time to prepare many have not implemented the new laws.

“From the survey many employers have said that the new laws were complex. This may be so, but its essential that they introduce changes to their work practices now and ensure that they follow the law otherwise they may find themselves in breach of the law and paying out.”


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