UK pioneers lead the way in building information workforce

new breed of worker is emerging as people fail to identify with belonging to
the traditional white-collar and blue-collar labels, new research claims.

research, carried out by Mori on behalf of Microsoft, has identified a new type
of worker – those who collect and process information using technology – or

to the research, 79 per cent of UK workers reject the white-collar/blue-collar
description, preferring to define themselves by their specialist skills and job

surveyed more than 1,000 workers and found that 64 per cent now see themselves
as ‘professional’, ‘skilled’ or managerial. Just 13 per cent class themselves
as ‘semi-skilled’ or ‘unskilled’.

Sorensen, of the London School of Economics, and a member of the advisory board
of the Work Foundation’s I-society, said: “In many ways, the UK is at the
forefront in the rise of the i-worker.

challenges we now face are to embrace this cultural change and find ways to
harness the pioneering potential within the British workforce that is driving

By Quentin Reade

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