UK takes risk with disaster policies

Most UK companies could not cope with a disaster, with policies to deal with
the loss of people and skills low on the list of corporate considerations.

Research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) shows that complacency
remains a major issue despite wake-up calls from incidents such as terrorism
and internet viruses.

The Business Continuity Management report shows that three-quarters of
companies have no plans to cover loss of skills and two-thirds are not prepared
for the loss of people.

The research found that only four kinds of disruption – loss of IT,
telecommunications or site, and fire – are generally covered by the majority of

Christine Hayhurst, director of professional affairs at the CMI, said many
organisations were taking a big risk with their staff and their reputations.

"At best, failure to provide contingency plans for loss of people or
individuals with specific skills can lead to unnecessary pressures in the
workplace," she said. "At worst, it could close businesses and ruin

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