UK takes second place in long hours league table

Britons are still working longer hours than almost all European counterparts, according to a new research.

The Still at Work? report by the Work Foundation found that nearly 1.4 million people in Britain work more than 60 hours a week.

Ireland tops the list for long hours, with the UK second and Portugal just behind.

Roles that employ the highest proportion of long-hours workers across the EU are:

  • For men – administrators, skilled manual workers and salesmen
  • For women, legislators (senior administrators and middle managers in the public and private sectors) and skilled manual workers.

The report found that “presenteeism” – people spending ever longer hours at their place of work because they think it is expected (if not productive) – is increasingly being accepted as good practise across the EU.

The report’s author, Mark Cowling, said: “Long hours cultures can have real implications for each country. They can lead to an increase in workplace stress, and a decline in productivity, as marginal productivity decreases with the number of hours worked.

“As long hours in the EU continue to increase, we are certain to hear more about the effects of long hours on EU employers and employees,” he said.

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