UK Training Exclusive at People Resolutions

People Resolutions, one of the UK’s leading experts in workplace conflict management, is pleased to announce the launch of a new and exclusive training programme to help UK businesses tackle workplace conflict at its earliest stages. 

The new Active Bystander Training course is specifically tailored for use in the workplace and is the first of its kind in the UK.  The course has been developed as part of People Resolutions’ ongoing training development programme.

Initially developed in the US, Active Bystander Training works to involve all employees in the responsibility of preventing conflict within their organisations, not leaving it just to HR and line managers.

The training engages employees and gives them the awareness and confidence to recognise the early signs of conflict and inappropriate behaviour and understand how they can act to defuse the situation themselves or how and when they should report it.  This means that misunderstandings, communication blunders and heated debates can be prevented from becoming major conflicts that can impact the organisation in a variety of negative ways.

  • Participants focus on several key skill areas:
  • Noticing something is happening – recognising workplace conflict and/or inappropriate behaviour
  • Interpreting the situation as a potential conflict – having clear boundaries for action
  • Assuming personal responsibility – through employee engagement
  • Choosing a form of intervention – having clear methods of intervening or defusing the situation in a safe and constructive manner
  • Implementing intervention – with confidence and sensitivity

“The development of this course is a key strategy in helping organisations prevent conflict.  By creating a culture in which preventing conflict and inappropriate behaviour is everyone’s responsibility, the organisation moves a big step closer to a more collaborative and cohesive workforce”, says Lindsay Soulsby, Director of People Resolutions.

“With workplace conflict now costing the economy £33 billion every year (CEDR), the course will also go a long way in decreasing the costs organisations incur when conflict gets out of control.”

The Active Bystander Training course is designed to work closely with HR professionals within the organisation as part of an overall engagement and conflict prevention strategy.

To find out more about this new training course, exclusive to People Resolutions, contact us on 01908 524110 or email

Information is also available on the People Resolutions website.

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