UK workers less stressed than most in Europe

UK workers are among the least stressed in Europe, research has suggested.

Just 20% of British workers found their workplace “too stressful” compared with an average of 27% across Europe.

Switzerland and Sweden suffered the highest levels of anxiety in their job (33%), the survey by global recruitment agency Kelly Services found.

The poll of 19,000 people across 12 countries also found that male workers, older staff and those in steady jobs were under the greatest pressure.

The group also found stress increased significantly with age – rising from 19% in the 15-24 age bracket to 23% for those aged 45 and above.

Work stress levels

Switzerland/Sweden 33%
Norway 31%
Germany/France 28%
Italy 26%
Russia 24%
Belgium 23%
Denmark 22%
Britain 20%
Spain/Netherlands 16%









Source: Kelly Services

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