UK workforce classified as TV types

bizare new report has identified four distinct personalities in the workplace,
likening groups of workers to TV characters.

report, by Cahoot, the internet bank from Abbey, claims workers and their employers
must recognise these four traits in order to maintain harmony and happiness in
the workplace.

to the report, the working population of Britain is divided up into the
following personality types:

The ‘Fully Flexible’ type – 10 million workers (35 per cent), epitomised by Tim
Canterbury from The Office. These workers prefer to see what happens on an
almost hourly basis and then act accordingly.

The ‘Mental Planner’ type – 7 million workers (24 per cent), epitomised by Sex
in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Keeps mental rather than physical lists and
plans what needs to be done.

The ‘Compulsive Planner’ type – 6 million workers (20 per cent), epitomised by
Friend’s character Monica Bing. Obsessively formulates lists for everything
then panics when their routine is disrupted.

The ‘Impulsive’ type – 5 million workers (18 per cent), epitomised by Will and
Grace star Jack McFarland. Tend not to bother with any planning as they enjoy
flying through their job by the seat of their pants.

‘planner’ types often feel attracted to jobs in finance, accounting and
administrative positions. They are also likely to be found in the police force,
the military and public sector jobs.  

more ‘flexible’ types often go for areas such as sales, journalism, creative
fields like art and design, and restaurant work where a speedy reaction is a
key requirement.    

Cutler, marketing director at Cahoot, said: "We commissioned the report to
see how British employees function in the workplace and I have to say we were
surprised at just how varied people’s personalities can be and how it
influences their job."

By Quentin Reade

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