UK workforce happy to take ‘sickies’

More than a third of British workers believe it is acceptable to take the
odd day off even if they are not genuinely ill, a survey has found.

The poll, by absence management firm Crown Computing, reported 35 per cent
of the 975 respondents said they would be prepared to throw a ‘sickie’, with 63
per cent citing a hangover as the top reason for doing so.

A fine summer’s day was also a popular excuse (37 per cent), as was wanting
to spend more time with a loved one (31 per cent).

But, tracking absence, docking pay for absence and conducting back-to-work
interviews were all effective in putting people off.

Londoners, on 52 per cent, were the least likely to pull back the covers and
go back to bed if they had a hangover, compared with 73 per cent in Yorkshire
and Humberside and the South West.

Mike Hawkesford, Crown managing director, said: "Flexible working can
help motivate staff and reduce the instances where people feel they have to
take unauthorised days off. Keeping an eye on absences can help identify trends
and patterns."

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