Uniform recruitment plan for police force

A standard police recruitment policy is being introduced across all forces
in England in Wales to make it easier to recruit officers and manage shortages
in manpower.

The Home Office has overhauled the traditional, fragmented procedure, and
designed a standard application form to be used by all 43 police forces.

It is hoped the move will bring more consistency to the police service as an
organisation and make it easier for HR chiefs to find recruits and distribute
them between forces.

The changes will include a national recruitment pack, a standard application
form and a new website where potential candidates can apply online.

The website will enable applicants to find out more about being an officer,
complete a self-test to check eligibility, and see details of vacancies

Chris Haselden, manager of strategic HR at the Met and the Chartered
Institute of Personnel and Development police policy adviser, said the new
system would lead to a more joined-up approach and ease the burden on HR.

"One thing the police force is criticised for is looking like 43
different entities, so this will help us to look more like a composite
organisation with common recruitment standards.

"We can also be confident that when officers move between forces they
have all been recruited to the same standard, and the larger ones can take the
surplus of suitable people from the smaller ones," he said.


Main changes

– Standard recruitment pack for all 43 forces

– Applicants can now apply to three forces simultaneously

– New national website

– Self-test questionnaire

– Online applications

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