Union claims Honda flouts disability law

Car manufacturer Honda is breaking the Disability Discrimination Act by sending home employees who can only perform restricted duties, according to Amicus.

The union said many GPs will not sign Honda workers off as unfit for work. It means they receive no sick pay and are subject to the firm’s disciplinary process for unauthorised absence.

Alan Tomala, Amicus union convenor, told the BBC: “A number of our members who have medical restrictions are being sent home as the company says that no alternative role can be found, despite employing about 4,000 workers at the plant.”

Honda said its staff were told when they joined the company that they might be asked to perform different roles from time to time. It said the policy contributes to the efficiency of production while helping staff to stay in employment.

A statement said: “The policy helps the company by contributing to the efficiency of production and helps the (employee) by maintaining continuity of employment.”

It said it made “every effort” to temporarily redeploy staff who developed health problems or became “medically restricted” in their roles.

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