Union threatens to boycott Vauxhall cars in support of workers

A union representing workers at the endangered Vauxhall car plant has threatened to place its £8m car fleet order with a rival firm if jobs go.

The Amicus union is threatening to hold contract talks with Japanese car manufacturers. It wants reassurances about the future of the plant, where 1,000 jobs are reportedly at risk.

It may also encourage its one million members, their families, and members of other unions, not to buy Vauxhall cars.

Reports have suggested that General Motors (GM) could cut production of the Astra model and shed a third of the factory’s 3,000 jobs.

Derek Simpson, Amicus general secretary, said: “Unless GM is prepared to treat decent men and women in Britain with some dignity, we will cancel our £8m contract for Vauxhall cars.

“We will encourage our members to buy their cars from a manufacturer that supports the British economy and urge other unions to do the same.”

Simpson is also meeting MPs later this week to present “incontrovertible proof” that weak UK labour laws are leading to the demise of the UK car manufacturing industry.



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