Unions call for halt on further PPP schemes

TUC is expected to back two union motions at its annual conference this week
calling for a halt to further private sector involvement in the delivery of
public services.

GMB and Unison will call on congress members to support their calls to put
further public private partnerships (PPP) on hold while an independent inquiry
evaluates the success of existing schemes.

unions claim that practices such as contracting out private finance initiatives
(PFI) and PPP create a two-tier workforce, and damage staff morale without
necessarily creating service improvements.

general secretary John Monks is confident the conference will pass the motions.

is a lot of union concern about PFI, and I notice that the contractors are sharing
this concern," he said.

Amey and Balfour Beatty have all been on record recently saying that they are
anxious about the way it is working and whether it is value for money."

told Personnel Today the Government must fulfil its commitment to eliminating
the two-tier workforce if its goal of using the private sector to improve
public services is to be reached.   

first concern is to ensure that any workers who go from public to private
employment are properly protected to eliminate these two-tier workforces, and
we are still some way short of that," he said.

agreed with the findings of a recent Audit Commission report (Personnel Today
page 1, 3 September) that claims the use of private companies in the public
sector can demotivate staff.

you are working alongside people that are cheaper than you, you will get the
message that the company that employs you would prefer it if you buggered off.
That is not a very nice feeling," he said.

fact that you are doing the same job and are getting paid more for it is
demotivating and affects morale."

Paul Nelson

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