Unique employee retention tool, Talent Navigator launched by Head Light Communications

Talent Navigator is a new and innovative web-based career planning and mapping tool that enables employees to take greater control over the direction of their careers within their organisations. 

This product is the fourth application in the company’s Talent Insight suite of on-line Talent Management applications, joining their Talent 360, Talent 180 and Talent Spotter software products.

Talent Navigator has been designed specifically to increase employee retention and reduce the need for external recruitment spending by filling more roles internally. 

Using its visual tools, Talent Navigator helps employees find roles that would help them develop the skills and experiences they are looking for and highlights what development they would need in order to be a strong internal candidate.

Unlike other custom-built web sites, Talent Navigator is fully flexible and customised by the organisation to reflect their roles, competency frameworks, development options and progression routes. 

In addition to this primarily ‘hard’ data, Talent Navigator also includes a ‘Preferences Inventory’ where factors such as work-life balance, autonomy, team working can be added to both roles and an employees’ self-assessment.

When using Talent Navigator to identify potential career options, these ‘softer’ factors also come into play and the different career paths are ranked by how close a match they are for the user.

As users develop potential career paths, Talent Navigator identifies individual development needs for each step in their path and between roles.

The report generated can then be used at appraisal time to create focussed development plans and to highlight to managers where they need to create learning experiences for their people. 

Users can also select a target role and Talent Navigator will find a number of alternative career paths that could take them there. 

Talent Navigator can also be integrated with internal job boards.

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