‘University’ cuts Hilton turnover

The availability of a wealth of online learning has been a major factor in reducing staff turnover at the Hilton International hotel company, according to in-house research.

A survey completed by 1,854 team members across all parts of Hilton International’s business worldwide found that 37% claim that being offered development opportunities is the most important factor in deciding to continue their career with the organisation. A further 50% say that although it isn’t ‘the’ factor, being given the opportunity to develop professionally is very important to them.

“It is encouraging to see real proof that team members are using the Hilton University for both professional and personal development,” said Maarten Staps, international learning and development manager for Hilton International.

“Our focus will continue to be on the quality and relevance of the learning activities available through Hilton University.”

The survey also revealed that 90% of respondents are convinced that resources offered by the university help them with professional development, and 95% believe what they learned yesterday during a learning activity is used today in their work.

Hilton employees can access a wide range of learning activities through the group’s online learning platform, Hilton University, which includes 550 Skillsoft e-learning courses, covering business, professional and IT skills, and Books24x7 Referenceware, featuring best-selling management and business books, as well as online mentoring and virtual classroom environments.


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