University lecturer wins £25,000 for part-time treatment

A part-time university lecturer who taught more hours than full-time lecturers, but received less pay, has been awarded £25,000 compensation.

Susan Birch took action against Leeds Metropolitan University after discovering she earnt up to £10,000 per year less than full-time colleagues.

Her case was based on employment rules for the treatment of part-time workers.

The university agreed to give Birch compensation and a full-time contract before a final tribunal hearing.

A Leeds Metropolitan University spokesman said: “No decision was made that establishes a precedent or affects the position of part-time hourly paid staff generally within the university or elsewhere in the sector.”

Andy Pike, from teachers’ union Natfhe, said it was often cheaper for universities to employ people on hourly pay contracts.

“What this judgment demonstrates is that employers can no longer use different types of contract for full-time and part-time staff as a mechanism for paying a lower rate of pay for part time staff,” he said.

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