Unusual job

Marika Hall, senior personnel consultant, RebusHR

What was your first HR job?

I joined JCB as a personnel officer.

How did you specialise in the job you are in now?

At JCB, I was responsible for installing a RebusHR software system and so
became aware of its outsourcing division. I was keen to widen my HR experience
and this seemed a good opportunity to work with lots of companies and learn
about different cultures.

What specialist training or qualifications do you have?

A postgraduate diploma in HR Management from Manchester Metropolitan
University. I’m also a member of the CIPD.

What do you do in a typical day?

If I’m in the office I will be taking calls from clients on a wide range of
HR issues, from restructuring through performance management to disciplinary
action. We have a series of best practice processes to help companies reduce
their risk.

I also spend a lot of time on client sites – perhaps meeting with line
managers to discuss people issues, providing HR input at board meetings, or
organising recruitment programmes.

What career options do you now have within your specialist area?

There is a lot of opportunity to develop greater responsibility within a
consultancy. The wider experience it offers compared to an internal HR
department also opens up the possibility of moving to a senior in-house HR

Where and how do you see your career progressing?

RebusHR’s outsourcing operation has doubled in size over the past 12 months.
I’m looking to take the opportunities on offer here.

How do other HR people see your role?

It’s very mixed. Dynamic people who see the opportunities for learning are
really supportive. Other HR professionals who perhaps don’t understand how HR
outsourcing works can see us as a threat.

Where could other HR people find out more about specialising in your

Our website has a number of case studies of the work we’ve undertaken
(www.rebushr.com). There’s a growing number of similar jobs advertised in
Personnel Today.

RebusHR is an HR outsourcing specialist. It currently provides HR
assistance to 24 companies and 26 schools.

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