Urquhart partnership to invest £500,000 in e-learning

Aberdeen-headquartered human resources, recruitment and training consultancy, The Urquhart Partnership (UP), is to invest around £500,000 in the development of ten e-Learning courses, with the first now available.

Accessed via the internet or intranet, the interactive modules can be used on a stand-alone basis or as a pre-cursor to a shortened, customised workshop and could see UP’s clients potentially save thousands of pounds a year.

Campbell Urquhart, Managing Director, UP, said: “This ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach to learning is a move away from traditional delivery methods. These packages will allow people to study the theory behind a specific topic and, where appropriate, develop practical skills afterwards at a short, focused workshop or coaching session.

“We believe that many of our clients will find this an extremely useful format as it means training will be much more efficient, with maximum flexibility and a highly customised experience for participants. Given the current economic climate, it also represents significant cost savings, particularly in terms of workshop fees, cancellation costs, travel and accommodation.”

The first module – ‘Delivering Excellent Presentations’ – has been developed by UP along with Aberdeen-based Atlas Interactive Limited.

Over the next two years, further courses – including people management, team development, supervisory skills and time management – will be rolled out through UP’s Aberdeen and Manchester offices.

Each interactive course provides opportunities for people to capture their thoughts, ideas and questions. These can be collated and printed off or emailed for future reference.

If the delegate is attending a subsequent workshop or coaching session, this information is also available to the trainer in advance.

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