US firm to seek more HR deals in UK

PricewaterhouseCoopers has signed deals with two US companies to provide the
bulk of their HR service in partnership with software provider PeopleSoft.

The deals mark the consultancy’s move into the HR outsourcing market in the
US, where it hopes to take on contracts for millions of employees. It will look
for similar contracts with UK firms.

Under the agreements, signed at the end of December, the consultancy will
administer all HR transactions using PeopleSoft software. It will take two
years for the work to be transferred.

The names of the companies and the value of the deals have not been

In November 1998, Pricewater-houseCoopers signed a deal with PeopleSoft to
develop a joint service for human resources.

"Software systems have become complicated and they are not always
performing in the way companies want them to," said Neville McKay, partner
in global HR solutions at Pricewaterhouse-Coopers.

The deals are similar to the ground-breaking agreement between new HR
services provider Exult and BP Amoco. Exult is targeting the world’s 500
largest companies (Personnel Today, 11 January).

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