VaLUENTiS launches VBHR-Confidant mentoring service

VaLUENTiS today announces the launch of its VBHR-Confidant solution for HR executives and HR functions – a service that combines the ‘soft side’ of mentoring with the ‘hard side’ of analytics and evaluation to help meet current and anticipated challenges.

VBHR-Confidant, based on evidence based management principles, is designed to assist HR functions and HR executives/business partners in raising their individual and collective effectiveness and resilience.

At the heart of the VBHR-Confidant service is a customised programme based on individual need whether person or function based. Programmes can be a varied mixture of what is termed ‘smart learning’ that provides practical advice, feedback and/or intelligence in a variety of formats.

VBHR-Confidant is an extension of VaLUENTiS Management Pathfinder executive toolkit, launched last year that evaluates and implements value-based change in an integrated approach and focuses on:

  • Human Capital Management evaluation

  • Employee engagement

  • Talent management

  • Workforce productivity & performance

  • HR function ROI analysis

  • Management education

VaLUENTiS’ Chief Executive, Nicholas J Higgins, commented, “In current times, organisations need a strong, vibrant and smart HR function to ensure that employees/staff are engaged through their line management, that collectively people management is effective and that organisation performance is kept in perspective.

Our work with clients and knowledge in these areas now means that we are able to package our expertise and assist organisations and their HR functions in their respective journeys. VBHR-Confidant® is designed for this purpose.”

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