Verint Witness Actionable Solutions Expands Performance Management Offering with Launch of Coaching Solution

Company Broadens Next-Generation Impact 360 Workforce Optimisation Suite with Addition of New Solution to Help Contact Centres Simplify Staff Development

Following on the launch of its next-generation Impact 360® Workforce Optimisation (WFO) suite, Verint Systems Inc. today launched its new Impact 360 Coaching solution. The software helps organisations enhance the customer experience by initiating, delivering and following up on personalised coaching sessions between employees and supervisors. Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions offers Impact 360 Coaching as the latest addition to the company’s analytics-driven workforce optimisation (WFO) suite. The software is a synergistic contact centre and enterprise learning solution that supports staff development, ongoing training and agent career pathing, along with such organisational focuses as employee retention, and the drive toward sales and service excellence.

Impact 360 Coaching, and its patent-pending features, is designed to help organisations enhance employee performance and proficiencies through personalised coaching sessions triggered by the software’s native business integrations with key elements of WFO. By tying coaching together with scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), quality evaluations, training and other benchmark metrics, Impact 360 Coaching introduces a true, more formalised one-on-one learning process, helping employees develop and enhance the skills they need to be successful.

According to Senior Analyst Claire Schooley of Forrester Research in the firm’s report ‘How to Create a Comprehensive, High-Impact Learning Strategy, May 2008’ – “Workforce quality and productivity remain one of the most vital areas where an organisation gets significant competitive differentiation.” ‘The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Learning Management Suites, Q1 2008’, also by Schooley, states, “This type of learning suite is quickly becoming a critical component of an organisation’s talent management efforts – from bringing new employees up to speed quickly to filling gaps in job role competencies to providing new skills development for career advancement.”

“More leading companies globally are seeking to instill an ongoing learning culture,” adds Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions. “Impact 360 Coaching introduces an important component to what should be an ongoing, 360 degree approach to the learning process. In addition to quality scores, performance evaluations and desktop learning to advance skills and proficiencies, our coaching solution formalises the one-on-one feedback loop between agents and managers, actively engaging and making both accountable.”

When performance results fall beneath a company’s established threshold, Impact 360 Coaching triggers coaching requests, or “events”, through its rules-based engine. Upon notification, managers can assign and schedule coaching sessions at the most opportune time, select the coaches and attach relevant information to the online coaching form – such as recorded calls and evaluations – which can then be used during one-on-ones. This helps guide and expedite sessions, while providing employees with specific examples of commendable behaviours and skills, along with those for improvement. Managers, coaches and employees can then enter comments about the sessions, and improvements can be noted and incorporated into performance reviews or future sessions.

Whether one-on-one coaching is planned or ad-hoc, agents and managers can partner to review evaluations and provide feedback, and results can then be computed as part of the agent’s competency ratings. In addition, Impact 360 Coaching helps:

Ensure visibility and accountability in coaching practices
Personalise training
Engage staff in their development
Provide agents with guidance on how to improve performance and extend skills
Complement existing eLearning and development programmes
Benefit from an investment in WFO by impacting the broadest segment of the workforce


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