Video Arts launches pay as you go service for digital video

Video Arts has launched a new ‘pay as you go’ service which allows independent consultants and training companies to use digital video clips from its most popular DVD programmes in their client training.

The programmes – covering subjects such as performance management, coaching, teamwork, leadership, diversity, talent management, customer service, sales, communication and change – are broken down into 1,000 bite-sized ‘learning chapters’, each of which lasts two to three minutes and covers a specific learning point.

Video Arts is offering 24-hour use of any chapter from £30. Because they are digital, the video clips can either be incorporated into classroom-style training programmes, to reinforce key points, or they can be used as standalone resources.

“Licensing issues have previously prevented independent consultants and training companies from using our resources in their client training,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts.

“Now they can pick and mix video clips from our top titles to give their training greater impact. Like clip art, the learning chapters can be inserted into a PowerPoint, Word or Excel document.”

Video Arts can preload the titles onto a hand-held drive – the approximate size and weight of an iPhone – which plugs into any PC or laptop via a USB connection.

When you select your preferred clip, the drive automatically verifies your digital licence, unlocks the relevant chapter and plays it using Windows Media Player.

“With this ‘roaming’ drive, you don’t have to worry about downloading or having a reliable internet connection on the day when you want to play the video clips,” said Martin Addison.

“Training providers can preview chapters and show them to their clients before selecting the ones they want. This can help them to win business. It’s an ultimate resource for classroom learning which takes care of all the Digital Rights Management issues.”

The 1,000 Video Arts learning chapters cover specific learning points such as: approaching the appraisal correctly; structuring a coaching conversation; getting the team’s involvement; retaining the best people; target setting using SMART; lead by making others powerful; an introduction to equal opportunities; three rules to keep a customer; ‘close the sale’; giving constructive feedback; a good presentation and dealing with change.

“The chapters are all segments of our DVD films, so they’re produced to a high standard and they feature engaging content and well-known actors, business leaders and management experts,” said Martin Addison.

Video Arts is offering a starter pack of 20 ‘credits’ for £600. One credit allows one chapter to be played in any 24-hour period on one PC or laptop.

New credits can be ordered at any time. Rental of the ‘roaming drive’ is £200 per year and there is an annual subscription charge of £150, for which trainers gain access to a range of ‘support files’ including course notes and handouts.

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