Video gets police fit for purpose

The police officer responsible for HR at the Metropolitan police service has
re-taken the force’s fitness test to promote a new video aimed at reducing the
number of applicants that fail to meet the physical strength and endurance

Assistant Commander Bernard Hogan-Howe, 45, successfully completed the
fitness test decades after originally passing.

He hopes the 10-minute video will reduce the number of applicants – women in
particular – who go through the recruitment process then fail the fitness test.

According to police figures, males have a 98 per cent chance of passing, but
almost 30 per cent of female recruits fail.

Alan Jones, head of physical education at the Met, said the video would
bring applicants up to standard within eight weeks.

"It explains what the gym-based test involves. It’s not hugely tough,
but there is a job-related standard of fitness needed to join the police,"
he said.

It is hoped the £50,000 project will attract recruits by showing the test is
not too gruelling.

The video takes applicants through four steps: speed and agility; grip
strength; upper body strength and endurance – including completing a shuttle
run in under six minutes.

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