Virtual learning key to cutting training costs, say HR professionals

Virtual learning key to cutting training costs, say HR professionals

Research by BT Conferencing shows organisations are being more creative in their approach to training

The vast majority (89 per cent) of HR professionals would be willing to use virtual learning methods, such as web and videoconferencing, according to new research commissioned by BT Conferencing, the conferencing and collaboration division of BT. Already, 44 per cent of those responsible for training budgets employ some sort of conferencing tool for training purposes, suggesting that the cost and productivity benefits of remote learning in the enterprise are becoming widely acknowledged.

HR professionals state cost-savings as the main reason for utilising virtual learning methods, with 80 per cent of respondents stating this as a top benefit. Respondents envisaged a significant amount of their training budget being saved, with 39 per cent believing that the technology would allow them to save over a quarter of their training budget. Other benefits of virtual learning identified were environmental benefits through reduced need for travel (47 per cent of respondents) and improved employee productivity (43 per cent).

Rachel Aitken, global training manager, BT Conferencing says “HR managers face numerous challenges when it comes to training staff. Budget cuts and a rise in flexible working mean that it is important for them to find a training solution that saves money as well as one that maximises employee productivity by enabling remote workers to participate easily in training sessions. Virtual learning has emerged as an excellent method of reaching these objectives, without compromising the quality of the training”.



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