Vitriolic response fails to engage with wider debate

I take great exception to the manner of R Gilmour’s ranting response (Letters, Personnel Today, 12 June) and in particular his/her comical accusation that Nicholas Higgins’ arguments are more suitable in the ‘Rant section’. S/he fails completely to engage with the broader arguments made by Higgins regarding the future of the HR profession.

Given that Gilmour appears to share Higgins’ perspective that ‘measurement is not about metrics’, I would suggest that s/he re-reads the original article carefully. It contains key points about HR having to come to terms with new concepts, and that previous approaches (such as simple ‘numbers-based metrics’) have not been sufficient.

From a wider perspective, I am increasingly appalled by the constant griping over measurement and terms such as ‘human capital management’. Increasingly, I see HR people not only being asked about their ‘value contribution’, but proactively seeking to identify this. It would do the profession a favour if people like Gilmour opened themselves up to a little more learning and understanding, and less ‘spouting of vitriol’.

Graeme Cohen, Adjunct professor, International School of HCM

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