Wages and job security are the most motivational factors

and job security have overtaken effective leadership and "a good
relationship with the boss" as the most motivating factors for people at
work in the past 12 months.

fourth annual motivation survey, published by Capital Incentives &
Motivation, also shows that "being treated fairly" and "having
good relationships with colleagues" remain top priorities as the most
motivating factors in the workplace.

one of the most notable changes over the past year is the importance of
salaries. It rose from fifth place (very important to 47 per cent of
participants) to third (now very important to 57 per cent).

security is highly important to 52 per cent of participants, compared with 42
per cent a year ago, and good benefits were important to 23 per cent of
participants, which has now risen to 47 per cent.

Povey, managing director of Capital Incentives & Motivation, said:
"This is a very revealing picture of rewards and motivation in business
today. Pay and job security have jumped up in importance compared with recent
years ahead of good leadership, and the increase in companies offering
incentives has risen dramatically. 

high levels of employment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain good
employees," he said. "Clearly, many companies are realising that an
effective motivation scheme is an excellent method of reducing staff turnover
and retaining your best people."

motivates you at work? 

on percentage of respondents who voted each factor as very important

Motivator                                                  Percentage

1.  Being treated fairly/valued                            78
2. Good relationships with colleagues                69

3. Good current pay/salary                                56
4. Job security                                                  54
5. Effective leadership                                       50
6. Good benefits                                               47
7. Feeling important and involved                      45
7. Good relationship with boss                          45
9. Training                                                        43
10. Good location and environment                   38

survey interviewed 1,990 people from a variety of sectors.

By Quentin Reade

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